The Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO) completing its 15 years of works and operating under an environmental sense of responsibility, continues its informative events for the public’s awareness for packaging recycling, mainly with following actions:
Public Campaigns in new entries (development of the System in new Local Authorities)
Distribution of informative literature, door-to-door, at the Municipalities of Naxos Island and Anogeia – Crete, where 18.000 and 2.300 inhabitants respectively were informed regarding the beginning to the Recycling project at their Municipality.

Meetings and informative campaigns
Targeting the promotion of the cooperation between the contracted companies, the local communities and the Municipalities, HERRCO participated with a speaker and informative kiosk at a Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Kilkis in the Region of Central Macedonia. HERRCO also participated with a speaker and informative kiosk at the 12th Panhellenic Convention of Solid Waste Managers, the Meeting of Eco-Watch in Athens, as well as the 2nd Forum of Technology and Environment – Verde Tech at MEC Paianias, where the organizational committee awarded HERRCO as the most productive system.

Educational and awareness programs
During the first 6 months of 2018, 26 Luna Park events were held with educational games for the children with the cooperation of respective Municipalities, which organized school visits in the place of the event. More than 6.500 children were informed .
Meanwhile, with the cooperation of a national T.V. station, 3 events took place: at the Municipality of Thessaloniki during the 3rd Recycling Festival and at the municipalities of Ambelokipon – Menemenis and Arta.
HERRCO, within the framework of its cooperation with the Municipalities for the education of the next generation, supported events which were organized by the Municipalities of Ioannina and Pallini for rewarding the schools which took part in recycling championships for the school year 2017 – 2018, organized by the Local Authorities.
Apart from the above, more than 900 educational presentations took place at schools at several Local Authorities where approximately 22.000 students were informed.

Special Campaign against Marine Littering
With the collaboration of a contractred company HERRCO supported through the collaboration with 5 Local Authorities (among them Thessaloniki, Chania, Marathon, Naxos island and Thermaikos a specially designed project which run for 12 weeks on beaches, where recyclable waste was collected in four streams and people was informed about good recycling practices on the beach. About 220.000 kgs of materials were also collected.