To develop more sustainable packaging is a challenge and an opportunity for all stakeholders along the value chain, as the overall objective is to do so by optimising the use of materials, water and energy, minimising waste (of product and used packaging) and maximising the recycling and recovery of used packaging. This is of course part of the Circular Economy concept and the respective measures and initiatives of the EU, aiming to modernise and transform the European economy, shifting it towards a more sustainable direction.

In line with these efforts, EXPRA is starting a new initiative – publication of news and best practices from EXPRA members, aiming to inform and support all stakeholders in the packaging value chain in the process of developing more sustainable packaging, incorporating design for recycling/ eco-design. The publication will be issued on quarterly basis, providing summarized information with respective links to detailed documents and or sources, implemented with the support of the EXPRA Sustainability and Packaging Working Group.