Rules of governance and Code of ethics

The mission of EXPRA (the “Alliance”) is to be the umbrella organisation of not-for-profit producer responsibility organisation dealing with used, mainly household packaging which are owned by the obliged industry. It aims to act as the authoritative voice and common policy platform representing the interests of its member organizations, and to run a network for the exchange of best practices within its members. Finally, it is the promoter of the EPR Manifesto and works on the implementation of these golden rules into European and national legislation.

This code (“Code”) is a concise outline of the ethical principles, values and the rules of governance by which the Alliance’s management and also its member organisations should be guided both in their internal role within the Alliance as in relations between the Alliance and the different stakeholders associated with it: shareholders, companies, public administrations, suppliers, employees and the general public.

For purposes of this Code, the “Alliance’s management” shall be deemed to encompass all (individual) members of management, all members of the board of directors as well as any other permanent or temporary committee or working group appointed from time to time as well as other advisory bodies.

In so far the ethical principles, values and the rules of governance set out in this Code apply to the board of directors, this Code forms part of the rules of governance for the board of directors in the meaning of article 15 of the Alliance’s articles of association.

The Alliance undertakes to periodically revise and adapt this Code, and more in general undertakes to make any changes or amendments to this Code in any case so required by the circumstances.