In Colombia, the PRO Visión 3030 has been active since 2019 as the national ruling was published in 2018, and requires producer organizations to demonstrate the recovering and use of 30% of the total amount of packaging waste put on the market by 2030, starting with a 10% goal for 2021. For 2024, the goal is 16%.

Currently, Visión 3030 represents over 350 producers, located at 18 out of 32 departments of the country, and covers 69 economic groups according CIIU international codification. 

Measuring the amount of packaging waste was an initial challenge and now is one of the strongest processes that producer organizations have internalized and committed to embrace in order to reduce the impact.

Since the creation of the PRO, over €6 million have been allocated to 5 strategic objectives: strengthening value chains, promoting applied research, driving social and productive inclusion, executing territorial projects, and delivering consumer pedagogy. These efforts have resulted in the recycling of over 150 thousand tons of postconsumer packaging waste, working together with over 100 collecting organizations plus 45 recycling sites over the country.


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