Mission of EXPRA

The not-for-profit purpose of the Alliance to the benefit of its Members as well as to third parties is:

  • To promote Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging waste, with a particular focus on household packaging waste including away-from-home consumption and to enable its Members to offer the best possible service for the lowest sustainable costs to their client companies.
  • To promote a sustainable and efficient, not-for-profit/profit-not-for-distribution EPR scheme, which is owned and driven by the obliged industry and offers a service of public or collective interest.
  • To promote Best Practices for separate collection, sorting and recovery of used packaging and to defend these Best Practices with the European and other international institutions, associations and federations, as well as the national authorities and other stakeholders.

In order to fulfill this purpose, the Alliance conducts the following activities in entire compliance with antitrust and competition rules:

  • The Alliance contributes towards a holistic, stable and ecological and economical feasible legislative environment in the area of packaging waste management for the benefit and in the interest of the clients of its Members.
  • The Alliance provides know-how to authorities, associations and other stakeholders regarding the management of packaging waste and EPR for packaging.
  • The Alliance promotes the harmonisation of regulations and procedures existing in the different countries, as well as between its Members, to facilitate industry compliance in coordination with the client companies of its Members.
  • The Alliance promotes obliged industry owned EPR as the preferred solution for the management of packaging waste arising in household and away-from-home.
  • The Alliance promotes optimization of packaged products as well as eco-design and design for recycling.
  • The Alliance promotes communication and education initiatives towards consumers to increase environmental awareness, sorting of packaging waste and avoidance of litter.
  • The Alliance stays in close contact to the obliged industry, as well as their European and national associations and federations, to understand their needs and wishes and to support a common strategy.
  • The Alliance promotes the continuous development of its Members towards a sustainable and efficient realisation of their national objectives, inter alia by running a network for the exchange of experience and know-how between its Members.
  • The Alliance supports the establishment of stable and functioning markets for secondary raw materials.