Cooperation Network

EXPRA runs inter alia a forum for cooperation for its national member organisations.

Its functions are as follows:

Network of exchange of information and experience
Working groups: 

  • Regulatory Affairs Committee
  • Eco Design
  • Technical matters
  • Communication
  • Data and Reporting
  • EPR management & implementation

The exchange of opinions and experience between the collection and recovery systems is an important step to increase the performance and efficiency of each of the member organisations and towards the further development of the European Packaging Directive in Europe and each Member State. EXPRA wants to support and promote this dialogue.

Topic Information Networks (TINs)

Within EXPRA, TINs will serve as dynamic platforms where the EXPRA Team can efficiently gather and share precise information with our EXPRA members. The primary goal is to foster robust information exchange between EXPRA and its diverse membership, promoting the collection and dissemination of valuable insights.

Task Forces for Targeted Collaboration

EXPRA Task Forces are dedicated to specific topics. 

Our restructuring aims to align our working groups more closely with the ever-evolving preferences and requirements of our members. While doing so, we remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering collaboration and facilitating knowledge sharing within the EXPRA community.