Legal basis

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Since Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, it has no legal obligation to follow the EU’s packaging regulations. Unlike in neighbouring countries such as France, Swiss legislation does not apply to all packaging: Switzerland does not have a general packaging ordinance.
It does, however, have regulations that apply to certain types of packaging or specific properties. In Switzerland, the Federal Law for the Protection of the Environment, Articles 30 to 30e and 32/32a to the Waste section in particular, as well as the Chemicals Risk Reduction Ordinance, for example, contain some provisions that are relevant for packaging. The most ecologically motivated regulations apply to packaging in the beverage sector (Ordinance on Beverage Containers (VGV). However, there is no provision for dairy products in this ordinance.

Facts and figures

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Population 8.698 million
No. of local authorities 2148
No. of companies in system Depends on what type of packaging
Packaging introduced to the market No reporting on all packaging
Recovered waste PET-bottles: 36’300 t (recycling quota : 81%)
Aluminium packaging : 13’300 t (recycling quota for cans : 94%)
Glass packaging : 356’000 t (recycling quota 94%)
Types of packaging PET bottles, aluminium packaging, glass packaging (other plastic packaging and beverage cartons are only regionnally collected and recycled; a national system is currently being set up)

Packaging organisation/s in Switzerland: