Number of population: estimated 3,791,662 Constitution – Dayton Agreement, signed in 1995. which divided the country in two entities: Federation of BiH and Republica Srpska, plus later Brcko District Federation of BiH (51% of the territory) is administratively divided on 10 cantons; cantons are divided into 84 municipalities Republica Srpska (49% of the territory) is administratively divided into 64 municipalities The city Brčko is separate administrative unit – District under the sovereignty of BiH Note – each of the entities has its own constitution and government; In total, more than 100 different ministries. Three-member state presidency rotates the chairmen every eight months. Office of the High Representative is present as an ultimate arbiter, to oversee the implementation of the civilian aspects of the Agreement.

Population structure remains predominantly rural (57%); only 5 cities exceed 100.000; the cultural gap is constantly widening also among the age groups. Unemployment rate 45.5% official rate; grey economy may reduce actual unemployment to about 30%. 

Development of the system of packaging and packaging waste management and its functioning in practice is one of the great challenges for the country, as well as the industry, and is related to the broadest community and all citizens.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has started its activities in defining the future model of packaging and packaging waste management in very unfavorable economic circumstances, in the midst of the global economic crisis. Taking into consideration the undeveloped economy and relatively low standard of citizens living, it can be said that this issue is really a challenge placed in front of the entity ministries of environment and Bosnian packaging industry.

Less than 50% of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is covered with organized waste collection.

Legal basis

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There is no Ministry of Environment at the state level, only department within the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations covering the environmental protection.

Two entity Ministries of Environment (Federation of B&H and Republika Srpska) are creating the environmental policy within the country. Environmetal Department within Government of Brcko District defines legal frame for this area.

In order to align the environmental legislation at the state level, the so called „Interentity Body of Environment“ was established. This body is consisting of representatives of both entity ministries, Brčko District and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Waste is one of the most important environmental issues in B&H. Currently, municipal waste is regularly collected in approximately half of the urban settlements, but rural settlements generally are not included in the waste collection schema. Insufficient waste disposal capacity has lead to considerable quantities of waste dumped illegally at roads, in the rivers and similar places, posing a threat to public health and not to mention the environment.

Facts and figures

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Data 2014


Population 3,8 mil.
No. of companies in system 510 membres
Recovered waste Recycled 10,000 tons of packaging waste achieved recycling/recovery target of 20%

Packaging organisation/s in BiH: