Legal basis

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The Bulgarian legislation concerning the Packaging Waste Recycling includes the Waste Management Act (WMA) and an Ordinance on Packaging and Packaging Waste, was adopted in Bulgaria in the period 2003 – 2004. These documents met the related EU directives’ requirements and defined the responsibilities of the parties involved in the process In July 2012 a new WMA was adopted by the Parliament, that fully reflects the provisions of Directive 2008/98/EC. A new Ordinance was adopted, defining that 6 000 000 inhabitants should be covered in separate collection systems by the acting ROs, according to their market share.

According to the legal framework all producers or importers of packaged goods are obliged to collect, recycle and recover their packaging waste. They have obligation to achieve targets for recycling and recovery of packaging waste generated in result of the use of the produced/imported goods. They may fulfill their obligations under the WMA and the Regulation at their choice:

  • individually, or
  • through a collective system, represented by a recovery organization.

The targets are quantitative and are defined in the Ordinance on Management of Packaging Waste as a percentage of the total quantity of packaging waste generated. Of course these resulted from Directive 94/62/EC and its later amendments and corrections.For Bulgaria the recovery targets started at 35 % for 2006 and currently, for 2013 they are 56 % .

Facts and figures

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Data 2012


Population 2,870,340
No. of local authorities​
1,200 clients
Packaging introduced to the market 130,683 tons licensed packaging
Recovered waste 70,553 Recovered
70,450 Recycled
Types of packaging All types

Packaging organisation/s in Bulgaria: