Valipac is a non-profit organisation established to fulfill the obligations defined in the law and to stimulate the recycling of industrial packaging waste.

System Description

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Valipac started up in 1997 as an initiative of the Belgian business world to provide a collective response to the Extended Producer Responsibility for commercial and industrial (C&I) packaging. Valipac’s basic mission is to achieve the recycling rates imposed on the clients for the C&I packaging they put on the Belgian market.

In order to achieve circularity of C&I packaging, Valipac has set 4 commitments:

1. to encourage clients to use circular packaging

2. to ensure the traceability of C&I packaging waste and to guarantee its effective recycling,

3. to stimulate local recycling and,

4. to further encourage the selective collection of C&I packaging in companies.

Necessary costs:

Article 14 Cooperation agreement on packaging and packaging waste.


Not mentioned in the legislation.

Eco modulation:

Valipac applies dissuasive fees: no fee for reusable packaging, the highest fee for non-recyclable packaging, the average fee for plastic packaging and a lower fee for recyclable packaging (excl. plastics).

Data denominator:

(data on the collection and treatment of waste):

Global quantities per type of packaging waste stream and specific quality collected in Belgium and sent to recycling or valorization by waste management companies. Waste management companies report every two months and data are controlled each year by independent auditing firms.

Data numerator:

(reporting system to gather data on the products placed on the market)

Global quantities per type of packaging are reported by companies selling packaged goods on the Belgian market. Valipac only registers secondary and tertiary packaging.

Online sales:


Default measurements vs Average Loss Rates:

Valipac does composition analyses on outgoing packaging material at sorting centers and applies individual percentages to the reporting of waste management companies (in order to exclude impurities and non-targeted materials). Extra corrections are applied to comply with the EU methodology (moisture, …). Furthermore, only packaging waste with proof of effective recycling can be taken into account in the reporting.



Communication activities

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Awareness raising on plastic film sorting

For several years now, Valipac has been organising awareness campaigns aimed at boosting the sorting of plastic packaging films. Valipac’s objective is to encourage companies to use plastic bags for the collection of packaging films and to have them collected by an operator affiliated with Valipac.

What does this campaign consist of?

Companies who recently started sorting paper/cardboard receive a “starter kit” from Valipac consisting of 3 transparent collection bags (made from 100% recycled material), an information leaflet, and a poster.

Other companies receive an e-mail with the possibility to order this kit for free on the Valipac website.

Every year, Valipac makes more than 25,000 companies aware of the need to sort plastic packaging films.



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According to Article 23 of the operating license of Valipac, it is necessary to establish an action plan for the prevention of packaging waste aiming at the reduction of at least 5% of the quantity of non-returnable packaging placed on the market by the clients.

Sorting waste:

The residual waste generated by companies still contains on average 50% of materials that could have been recovered if they had been sorted at source¹

By sorting wood, plastic, paper and cardboard, and organic waste, just under half the volume of residual waste containers can be freed up. Valipac seeks to make the most of these materials, the majority of which are subject to mandatory sorting!

Having the waste collected by a Valipac-affiliated waste management company is a guarantee that it will be handled according to the rules. It also means benefiting from bonuses for sorting industrial packaging waste. Valicap offers its customers the opportunity to ask questions about waste sorting in the company, and to find all useful information on the new Valipac platform (FR and DU only).

¹ « Sorteeranalyse van bedrijfsrestafval ingezameld door private inzamelaars », analysis of the composition of residual waste from companies – study conducted by OWS in 2022 on behalf of OVAM.


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