Slopak was established in 2002 by the obliged industry to manage the recovery of household and industry packaging waste based on not-for profit and profit-not-for distribution principle.

The collection of HH packaging waste is responsibility of the local WMC’s (58), the collection of industrial packaging waste is responsibility of the PRO’s and is carried out mainly by subcontractors.

Slopak is financed by the obliged companies (producers, importers, distributors) who pay the packaging fee. All members of Slopak are treated equally regardless of quantities and type of packaging put on the market.

Over the years Slopak also established management of other types of waste: WEEE, waste tyres, waste medicals, waste batteries and residues of plant protection products.

System Description

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In accordance with legislation, in Slovenia, it was established shared responsibility of operative and financial implementation of responsibilities of handling packaging and packaging waste between the WMCs and PRO’s.

The WMC’s are responsible for the organization, collection and financing of separately collected streams of household packaging waste (glass, paper, mixed municipal packaging -beverage cartons, plastic and metal packaging) and are obliged to pass free of charge all separately collected household waste packaging to  PRO’s according to their market share.

The PRO’s take over the collected packaging waste from WMC’s in the collection centres for further processing and recovery. The financing of sorting and recycling of the collected HH packaging waste are responsible PRO’s.

The management of industrial packaging waste is organized differently than household packaging waste. The responsibility for the organisation and financing of the collection, sorting and recycling of industrial packaging waste is borne solely by the PRO’s.


Communication activities

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Slopak invests in nationwide communication activities towards clients, youngsters and general public. The activities are executed through different communication tools: national media, online tools, public events and educational programmes.

Recent communication activities:

  • Website for the consumers information about proper separation of waste (packaging waste, waste tyres, WEEE, waste batteries, waste medicals, PPP), collection possibilities, educational videos, recycling schemes etc.
  • Facebook Ločujem odpadke for general public: photos from events, fun facts, interesting news, advice about proper separation of waste etc.
  • Presentations in schools (primary schools, high schools, faculties): topics in accordance with the age of the students vary from how to properly separate waste, what is recycling to the presentation of the functioning of the system.
  • Life project Ločujmo odpadke (LIFE 10 INS/SI/136): 6 films about recycling of waste, information points in shopping centres and student campuses, 4 mock-up (presenting recycling of PET bottle and beverage cartons, sorting line and dismantling of mobile phone), demonstration bins for student campuses, 4 surveys, 3 school contests (topics: recycling of can, glass bottle and PET bottle), promotion of collection centres, articles in national newspapers, publications and leaflets, posters, roll-ups, Layman’s report etc. (

Website for the general public – Website offers information for the general public about the separate collection of different types of waste (waste packaging, WEEE, waste tyres, waste medicals, waste batteries, residues of plant protection products, hazardous waste and organic waste), about recycling of waste, videos about waste management of different types of waste, etc.



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Liabilities of companies
At Slopak, it is essential to ensure that companies comply with their obligations under Slovenian law, in accordance with the principle of extended producer responsibility. Extended Producer Responsibility means that the producer must take care, at his own expense, of the residues of the products he manufactures, sources or imports and is the first to place on the Slovenian market.
Slovak takes packaging waste, waste electronic and electrical equipment, waste batteries and medicines and is the only company in Slovenia to take waste tyres.

Producer responsibility applies to:

  • Packaging,
  • Electrical and electronic equipment,
  • Batteries and accumulators, medicines, automobile and tractor tyres,
  • Plant protection products containing hazardous substances.

Some waste – such as packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators and waste tyres – is made from high-quality raw materials that can be reprocessed to make them ready for reuse. This saves natural resources and, in most cases, recovery is less energy-intensive than the extraction of the primary raw material, so recovery and recycling also save energy; separate collection, recycling and recovery of waste significantly reduces the proportion of waste ending up in landfill. This extends the lifetime of landfills, and means that fewer new landfills need to be built in Slovenia.

Slopak is a not-for-profit company, which acts in the interest of the obliged – the payers of waste management, with the purpose of taking care of your waste according to the rules of economic and environmental efficiency. The system works in compliance with legislation throughout Slovenia.


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Slopak d.o.o.

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