Ecovidrio is the non-for-profit entity entrusted with glass packaging recycling in Spain, representing container glass companies and contributing to their compliance with waste-related regulations at EU and national level.

Ecovidrio manages separate collection of glass packaging through specific containers throughout Spain, implements communication and awareness-raising campaigns and collaborates with the industry in waste prevention and ecodesign policies and measures.

System Description

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Ecovidrio was set up in 1995 and started operations in 1997. Fillers, packaging producers and waste recyclers are represented in the General Assembly of the entity. The obliged industry has the majority of shares in the organisation (16 fillers, 4 packaging producers, 5 waste recyclers) and fully controls the Board (11 directors). Ecovidrio employs 10 people and provides nationwide coverage in Spain.

Since 1997, the Spanish Packaging and Packaging Waste Act 11/1997, requires companies that place a packaged product on the market for the first time to deploy every means possible to reduce the environmental impact of its waste. That is, to manage the recycling of single-use packaging.

The spanish national regulation is transposed from European Directive 94/64/EC on Packaging and Packaging waste and it is a revolutionary milestone: Companies cannot just sell their product, they are made responsible for the environmental impact and contamination caused by the waste they generate! This concept is known as Extended Producer Responsibility.

Ecovidrio arrives at the scene as a result of the requirement of companies fulfilling this responsibility. With this mandate, we began operating all around Spain in 1998.

Communication activities

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Ecovidrio develops communication and awareness-raising campaigns targeted at citizens and the hospitality sector to recycle glass packaging waste.

Communication channels to the general public:

  • Ecovidrio’s website: general information to consumers regarding the functioning of Ecovidrio and its activities:
  • Corporate movie on glass recycling chain:

Visit the website:



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Ecovidrio is a Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility (SCRAP) and non-profit entity. It is responsible for the following:


  • Mobilising society as a whole by means of awareness campaigns, so they recycle their glass packaging.
  • Placing bins and managing the collection of glass packaging waste, based on two different management systems that we offer to local authorities for collecting glass packaging. One option is the town hall carries out the collection and we finance the total cost. The other is that Ecovidrio directly carries out the tasks required to guarantee the selective collection by using bins.
  • Launching specific plans, taking responsibility for the entire recycling chain.
  • Ensuring that the recycling targets set by the European Union are met.
  • Obtaining funding to manage the recycling of glass packagings that companies place on the market via the Green Dot fee and the sale of waste.
  • Providing audited and transparent information on glass packaging collection data to the different competent public administrations and to society as a whole.
  • Justifying the efficiency and effectiveness of this management to companies that have delegated the legal obligation to take responsibility for the glass packaging waste.


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Ecovidrio España

General Oraa, 3 – 2
28006 Madrid

Phone: 00 34 91 411 83 44