ÇEVKO Foundation has been established in 1991, by the 14 leading packaging, detergent and beverage industrial companies of Turkey. 

The objective of ÇEVKO is to contribute and play a leading role in the establishment of Packaging Waste Recovery System in Turkey, while complying with the related European Union Legislations and with the Principles of Integrated Waste Management. The Principles of Shared Responsibility among the Consumer, Industry, Local and Central Government are the guiding principles of the activities of ÇEVKO.

System Description

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ÇEVKO Foundation is a non-profit foundation established on November 1, 1991 with the initiatives of 14 leading industrial organizations in Turkey which want to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable recovery system with the contributions and participation of industry, local authorities and consumers for the economic and regular recovery of packaging wastes in Turkey.

ÇEVKO Foundation is dedicated to developing a sustainable recycling system in Turkey under the leadership of the industry in order to protect the environment, and contribute to social development and the economy. ÇEVKO Foundation wants to develop a sustainable recovery system for recyclable waste in Turkey; to assume and fulfill the responsibility of the industry; to contribute to the creation of a modern legal infrastructure for waste management by conveying the views of the industry to all stakeholders; to cooperate with local administrations in order to spread separate collection, separation and recycling practices throughout the country within the framework of the legal infrastructure; to ensure accumulation of knowledge on waste management by taking into account domestic and international practices; to to carry out effective promotion, training and information activities to raise environmental awareness; to participate in R&D studies, to provide consultancy and technical support to relevant stakeholders.

In 2003, ÇEVKO Foundation obtained the right to use the international “Green Dot” brand in Turkey, joined the family of recycling organizations using this brand, which is widespread in Europe, and gained the right to represent our country in the European Union.

Starting out with 14 members in 1991, ÇEVKO Foundation was declared an Authorized Institution by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within the framework of the “Regulation on the Control of Packaging and Packaging Wastes” published in 2005 during Turkey’s harmonization with the EU. Renewed in 2013, the Authorization Certificate is valid until 2023.

Annex 8 Authorization Certificate R

As an Authorized Institution, between 2005 and 2020, it developed collaborations with local administrations and licensed companies to fulfill the recovery obligations of the marketers it represented, and made a significant contribution to the environment and the national economy by ensuring that 7,608,700 tons of packaging waste was collected separately at source. It has played an active role in raising social awareness on the recycling of packaging waste through the training and awareness-raising activities it organizes.

ÇEVKO Foundation adopts the principles of “Integrated Waste Management” in all its activities in line with its founding objectives. It develops projects that prioritize the responsibility sharing of local governments, industry and consumers with Integrated Waste Management. It also continues to work on Climate Change and Circular Economy.

Communication activities

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ÇEVKO fulfills its obligations in accordance with the Regulation on the Control of Packaging Waste. It carries out activities regarding communication, awareness raising and training. It engages in activities regarding the separate collection of packaging waste with municipal authorities and licensed companies.

In training and publicity activities, professional teams inform consumers about the aim and advantages of separate collection at source, and how they can participate in separate collection activities. Consumers are also reminded that the separate collection of packaging waste is a legal obligation. The target audiences for those activities are residential dwellers, workplace owners, state employees, and primary and secondary school students.

Training and publicity activities are done in the form of door-to-door briefings, building and group meetings, and “training the trainers” sessions. The door-to-door briefings mainly target housewives, children, building managers, and superintendents.

ÇEVKO Foundation believes that training young minds about the recovery of packaging waste by separately collecting packaging waste at source is a significant investment for the future. Motivated by this belief, ÇEVKO Foundation has disseminated consciousness of recovery in students through sessions held by its specialist teams in primary schools between 1991 and 2009.

ÇEVKO Foundation, aims to reach out to young individuals through their teachers and begins doing so in the year 2009-2010. ÇEVKO, has put into practice the project titled “Recovery for the Future”, which was approved by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey. know-how and experience transfer on the subject of recovery and recycling have been transferred to teachers through the “Training the Trainer” program within the “Recovery for the Future” project.

ÇEVKO Foundation, has targeted consumers at malls, airports, hotels, restaurants and cinemas where the amount of packaging waste is excessive. Moreover, campaigns on television, radio, social media and outdoor commercials have been used to create awareness at consumers in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.


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Green Dot was first used in 1990-1991 in Germany as the symbol for determining the kinds of packages eligible for separate collection, called the Green Dot System.

In order to deploy the usage of the Green Dot, “Packaging Recovery Organization Europe – PRO Europe” was established in 1995. PRO Europe, without any profit purposes, grants the right to the recovery system of these countries for utilizing a Green Dot license; that is to one system from each country. The Green Dot has become an international model signifying industrial liability. The Green Dot sign on a Package means that the economic operator launching such packaged product to the market has satisfied its legal liabilities with regard to the recovery of packaging waste.

In 2003 ÇEVKO Foundation obtained the right to utilize the international trademark “Green Dot” in Turkey. ÇEVKO has this trademark utilized by the marketers who would like to use the same in our country by means of executing a sub-license agreement with them.

What you should know about the Green Dot:

  • Valid in 31 countries, the majority of which are EU members
  • More than 150.000 corporations utilize the Green Dot trademark on their packagings.
  • The quantity of packaging on which Green Dot are used has reached 400 billion pieces per year.
  • The Green Dot system covers 540 million consumers.
  • Green Dot is a registered trademark in more than 140 countries.


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ÇEVKO Foundation

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