VISION 30/30, under the principle of strengthening existing mechanisms, Vision 30/30 ANDI articulates with 94 managers at the national level that can be of different types:
1. organizations of recyclers in processes of formalization as providers of sanitation services,
2. Marketers that correspond to specialized warehouses that buy and sell materials.
3. Public utility companies, and
4. Others such as non-profit entities that have been called “solidarity managers” because they do not buy the materials or provide the public sanitation service to the consumers/generators.
After nearly four years of implementation, ANDI – VISION 3030 has been solidifying its position as the most significant collective in the country and a reference that leads and promotes a circular economy model for packaging. This has been achieved through the collaboration of stakeholders and the development of competitive strategies that ensure and surpass regulatory compliance, address collective needs, and contribute to corporate ESG goals, generating a positive and visible impact on the country’s sustainability

System Description

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Vision 30/30 is a Colombian collective business initiative of ANDI (National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia) that promotes the transition of Colombia towards a circular economy, through the development of strategies that increase the transformation of usable materials placed in the market, promote the inclusion of all actors in the chain and promote innovation in practices that consolidate more environmentally friendly production and consumption models.

The National Business Association of Colombia –ANDI- is the country’s most important non-profit organization with more than 1.400 members that represent around 50% and 55% of the national GDP. In order to respond to the challenges stablished by the National rulings, in terms of Extended Producer Responsibility and specifically for Posconsumer packaging waste (Resolución 1407 de 2018 and Resolución 1342 de 2020), ANDI created “Visión 30/30” as the Producer Responsible Organization (PRO) for the country.
Visión 3030 is currently gathering more than 300 organizations from 27 productive sectors in order to, collectively, lead actions around the following purposes:
  1. Establishing and implementing postconsumer packaging waste recycling models that strengthen current material value chains and explore new alternatives that foster its optimization by designing scalable regional collection and transformation projects.
  2. Calculate the packaging materials baseline according to the criteria defined and based on a harmonized methodology as well as a direct accompaniment to each of the member organizations with a collective approach.
  3. Develop cross-sectional working groups to advance in strengthening value chains and implement a strategic agenda that fosters closed loops in a cost-effective manner and promotes participation of government, citizens and society while promoting exemplary production and consumption models in the region.
  4. Develop and implement the postconsumer packaging waste management plan according to the national ruling and based on the experience on Extended Producer Responsibility from ANDI (National Business Association from Colombia)
  5. Execute alliances with different economic sectors in order to transform the economic models in Colombia.
  6. Foster innovation and scientific research towards the transformation of newer and more eco-friendly models in order to improve the recycling value chains of the country.
  7. Implement effective communication strategies that encourage behavioral and sustainable changes in citizens and help to empower society.
  8. Build capacity on inclusion strategies that increase the skills and competencies of all stakeholders and close gaps for developing a circular value chain, prioritizing on vulnerable recycling population.

Communication activities

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