Romania transposed European Directive 94/62/EC into Governmental Decision no. 621/2005 regarding the management of packaging and packaging waste, as amended by the Governmental Decision no. 1872/2006 and by the Governmental Decision no. 247/2011. This law states that there are two options for companies who place household packaging on the Romanian market: have their own waste management system or joining an Integrated Management System (SIG).

Legal basis

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Management of packaging and packaging waste -Governmental Decision no. 621/2005amended by the Governmental Decision no. 1872/2006 and by the Governmental Decision no. 247/2011.

  • Sets up the obligations for producers and importers for total packaging waste up to 55% recycling and 60% recovery in 2013 and for each type of packaging material – paper, plastic, PET, metal, Aluminum, glass and wood;
  • Define the recycling and recovery obligations for producers and importer, as well as for other stakeholders of the system (retailers, generators of waste – population and any legal bodies, central and local authorities).

License and criteria for recovery organization – Regulations of Minister of Environment regarding the procedures, criteria for licensing, relicensing, revision, yearly endorsement, issuing and cancelling the operating license, as well as for the approval of the composition and duties of the licensing committee.

Governmental Emergency Ordinance no. 196/2005 regarding the Environmental Fund.

Establish a contribution of 2 lei / kg of the economic operators which introduce on domestic market sales packaging and packaged goods for the difference corresponding to unfulfilled packaging waste targets.

Facts and figures

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Data 2012


Population 19 042 936 inhabitants
No. of local authorities

410 administrative units incorporated in the system for selective collection

9 million inhabitants covered by system

No. of companies in system 2,526 companies
Packaging introduced to the market 651,126 tons
Recovered waste 398,463 tons recycled
Types of packaging Household packaging. Commercial and Industrial packaging


Packaging organisation/s in Romania: