Legal basis

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The Israel’s Packaging Law 2011 imposes direct responsibility on manufacturers and importers which place in the Israeli market packaged products with more than 1 ton of packaging each year, to recycle its packaging waste, according to annual targets set out in the Law:

  • General targets – 2012: 40%; 2013: 50%; 2014: 55%; and 2015: 60%
  • Specific targets for each type of the following materials: Plastic, Paper Cardboard, Glass, Metal, and Wood.

In addition, the manufacturers and importers are obliged to fully fund the separation, collection, sorting and recycling systems implemented by the local authorities in Israel.

The fulfillment of the above obligations has to be done through a company which is authorized by the Ministry of Environment as a Packaging Recovery Organization.

Facts and figures

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Data 2012


Population 7.7 mil.
No. of local authorities 40 municipalities in the system
1.5 mil. inhabitants covered by system
No. of companies in system 500 members
Packaging introduced to the market

300,000 tons

representing about 45% of all packaging materials brought onto the Israeli market

Recovered waste 190,000 tons of packaging were recycled
Types of packaging Household and Industrial packaging

Packaging organisation/s in Israel: