Legal basis

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The Packaging Act introduced in June 2004 sets recovery targets for all packaging placed on the market and deposit system for one way packaging of beer, alcohol drink with low ethanol content and soft drinks in glass, plastic and metal packaging as of January 1, 2005.

The existing norms of the Packaging Act require collection and recovery of 50% of total packaging put in the market by packaging operator (packer and importer) in 2004, up to 2010 – 60%, and from 2012 – to comply with all EU norms.

The introduction of the Packaging Act has also triggered introduction of Compliance Scheme in Estonia. The packaging recovery organization, called “Estonian Recovery Organization” has been established by producers, importers and retailers operating in Estonia.

According to the Packaging Act the number of recovery organizations is not limited, but they have to fulfil requirements and get a license for operation from Estonian Ministry of Environment. The law says that all manufacturers, packers and importers are entitled to transfer the fulfilment of packaging recycle norms to a non-governmental organization established by themselves. If producers or importers haven not joined such organization, they have to organize recovery of their packaging themselves.

Facts and figures

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Data 2013


Population 1.315 mil.


Packaging organisation/s in Estonia: