Cyprus transposed European Directive 94/62/EU into Packaging and Packaging Waste Act (N. 32 (I)/2002) in 2002. The Law introduced the Producer Responsibility for Packaging and gives two options to the companies placing packaging in the Cypriot market: to participate in a Collective Packaging Management System that has to be a not-for-profit organisation, or develop a Private System based on a Return or Deposit System.

Legal basis

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Packaging and Packaging Waste Laws, 2002, (N32(I)/2002).

  • Responsibility of the Packaging Responsible organisations by 31/12/2012 to recover at least 60% of the packaging they place in the market, recycle at least 55% of the total and at least 60% of glass, 60% of paper, 50% of metals, 22,5% of plastics and 15% of wood.
  • The responsibility lies with the packagers, producers, suppliers, importers. The choices are between Private Systems based on a return or deposit scheme, or a Collective Compliance System representing many responsible producers.
  • A Collective Packaging management system has to be not-for-profit.
  • The Green Dot System covers both Household and Commercial Industrial Packaging.

Companies that place in the market less than 2 tons of packaging per year, are excluded from the recovery and recycling obligation and only have to report their packaging to the authorities on an annual basis

Facts and figures

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Data 2012


Population 838,897
No. of local authorities​
28 municipalities and about 50 communities around the island
700,000 inhabitants covered by organised Packaging Recycling System
No. of companies in system 830 membres
Packaging introduced to the market 110,000(est) tons total packaging on the market
75,000 tons total packaging registered with Green Dot Cyprus
Recovered waste Recycled
21,000 tons household packaging
23,000 tons commercial industrial packaging
Types of packaging Household and commercial industrial

Packaging organisation/s in Cyprus: