PRESS RELEASE: The Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA) is expanding its networking in North America

We’re delighted to share some fantastic news: Circular Materials, based in Ontario, Canada, is now officially a part of our Alliance, marking our 33rd member. As the second Canadian organization to join EXPRA, Circular Materials is a not-for-profit producer responsibility organization (PRO) dedicated to aiding producers in meeting their EPR regulatory obligations for collecting and managing packaging, paper, and packaging-like products in Ontario and New Brunswick.

Producer responsibility… without producers?

A leading voice in EPR development in Europe and beyond, is Joachim Quoden, Managing Director of EXPRA – the Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance. The alliance brings together 32 packaging and packaging waste recovery and recycling organizations from 30 countries, including 19 EU member states and has been working to raise awareness among decision-makers about the consequences of PROs without a producer mandate in EU legislation: 

PRESS RELEASE: Joint industry statement on references to “state-run producer responsibility organizations” in the PPWR

As technical trialogues concerning Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation progress, more than 20 organizations within the packaging value chain are urging EU legislators to remove references to 'State-owned Producer Responsibility Organisations' from the current...

PRESS RELEASE: Mandatory separate collection targets are not the way forward to drive a circular economy

Addressing the European Parliament's proposal, a part of their amendments to the PPWR proposal, which advocates for the introduction of a mandatory target of 90% for the separate collection of all packaging materials, EXPRA, in collaboration with CITEO, ProsPA, ARA,...


Members of the Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA) have re-elected the Board of Directors for the next two years andMr. Óscar Martín, CEO of Ecoembes, as the President of...

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