2023 marks the last year of the recognition period that began in 2019. For Fost Plus, it is a transition year, with a number of important objectives that had to be achieved and results that will serve as the basis for the ambitions for the next five years. The local circular economy, with the blue bag as the cornerstone, is now really taking shape. With another increase in recycling percentages, Belgium confirms its leading position. At the same time, ecological awareness continues to permeate all layers of society. Citizens, government, industry – everyone has a role to play. Fost Plus wants to extend this sustainable philosophy to the next level. In 2023, our members put 572,098 tonnes of reusable packaging on the market, of which 711,390 tonnes were recycled, representing a recycling rate of 97%. These percentages are calculated on the basis of the quantities recycled compared to the quantities placed on the Belgian market by our members. Approximately 83% of all packaging on the Belgian market (in tonnes) comes from members of Fost Plus. This means that the recycled quantities also include collected packaging materials that have been placed on the Belgian market by non-members or that have been purchased by consumers abroad (cross-border purchases). These figures are still subject to minor changes, due to late declarations and additional checks. Since 2022 (for the year 2020), the recycling rate has been calculated using a new methodology that is the same for all European countries. The aim is to correctly compare the recycling results of the various European member states with the respective objectives. Since then, the recycling percentage has been calculated at the time of actual recycling. That is, after the sorted materials have been cleaned of any contaminants and improper materials in the recycling centres.

You can access the 2023 Activity Report https://lnkd.in/ewtaHxrM