“In a world where sustainability and circularity are becoming increasingly important, ROUND now plays a key role. This new Belgian alliance of nine Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) organizations is fully committed to more efficient and environmentally friendly management of resources. ‘In 2022, we collectively collected and repurposed nearly 1.6 million tons of materials and packaging,’ says chairman Francis Huysman.

Producers are increasingly being held responsible for the entire life cycle of their products, including what happens to these products after sale and use. EPR organizations assist producers in fulfilling this responsibility.

In early June, nine leading Belgian EPR organizations joined forces to form ROUND. With a focus on a circular economy, the brand-new alliance will raise awareness among citizens and businesses about sustainable and innovative ways to reuse, collect, process, and recycle waste and materials.

‘I am confident that the collaboration between our organizations can only benefit our shared stakeholders,’ says Francis Huysman, chairman of ROUND and CEO of Valipac.

Extended Lifespan

‘Individually, the nine members of ROUND (see sidebar) are already champions in Europe in the prevention, collection, reuse, and recycling of various waste and material streams,’ says ROUND chairman Francis Huysman. ‘By promoting the circular economy, we aim for a world where production and reuse go hand in hand with a long lifespan and minimal environmental impact,’ says Catherine Lenaerts, CEO of Febelauto and member of ROUND.

The market for what ROUND does is evident from the facts and figures. An average Belgian household has 131 batteries and 95 electrical devices. Ten of these devices are mostly gathering dust. Last year, 4.4 million solar panels were installed, and nearly one million mattresses were sold in our country. These are just some of the materials and products for which the ROUND members present joint results.”

Less Administration

Today, the alliance serves as a platform for consultation, study, and information exchange, with a shared commitment to the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. ‘I am confident that the collaboration between our organizations can only benefit our shared stakeholders,’ emphasizes Francis Huysman.

An example of this is the joint effort of Febelauto, Bebat, and Valorlub in the automotive sector. Since January 1, 2024, Febelauto has been a one-stop shop in close collaboration with Bebat and Valorlub.

‘Cars have starter batteries, there are batteries in car keys and tire pressure gauges, and cars also contain oil. By working together, there is now only one environmental contribution that covers all vehicle-related streams. This makes it much more efficient for the importer,’ says Catherine Lenaerts.

You can read the full article here: https://esgdistrict.tijd.be/round/9-organisaties-bundelen-de-krachten-in-round-voor-een-meer-circulaire-economie/