Simona Fontana is the new general manager of CONAI, taking over from Walter Facciotto, who leaves the leadership of the consortium after fourteen years. Fabio Costarella assumes the position of Deputy Director-General. The new organisational structure will come into force on 1 April. 

“After sixteen years in the Consortium, taking over the management is an honour and a joy, not just a great responsibility,” comments Fontana. “We sincerely thank Director Facciotto for the dedication with which he has led CONAI over the years and is more than due: he can leave us with the certainty that we will continue his commitment with enthusiasm and perseverance. I cannot fail to thank President Ignazio Capuano and the Board of Directors for their trust. Italy is a virtuous country, if we think about packaging recycling: a sector in which we compete for leadership with Germany. Today, CONAI must work to strengthen this leadership and achieve increasingly ambitious environmental protection goals, involving citizens, institutions, and businesses in a synergistic activity of dialogue, research and development, and prevention. It will be a great team effort, and I’m happy to face it with a cohesive and motivated team.” 

“An appointment that makes me proud,” says Costarella, “because it comes at a time of transition and change both for the Consortium and for the country system, which will have to strive to achieve even better results than those – already excellent – that put us at the top in Europe in the management and recycling of packaging. And to achieve this, every region of Italy will have to do its part: this is also why I will continue my work with the territorial realities from North to South. Taking over the deputy management of CONAI is therefore an incredibly stimulating challenge. My personal thanks go to President Capuano and the Board of Directors. And my thoughts today also go to Director Facciotto, with whom I have collaborated for about twenty-five years and who has accompanied us with foresight: he was an example of commitment and fairness.”

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