On the 4th of June 2024, Fost Plus, cherished founding member of the EXPRA family, celebrated its 30th anniversary with a grand event at La Sucrerie in Wavre, Belgium, under the theme “Mind the Circularity Gap”.

Over the past three decades, Fost Plus has played a key role in driving the transition to a circular economy through its unwavering commitment to building a system aimed at closing material cycles. At a time when sustainability is of utmost importance, Fost Plus has always been at the forefront. Their steadfast dedication to collaboration and the collective efforts of all stakeholders have been instrumental in achieving many notable milestones. Their innovative initiatives have not only set a new standard for the industry but have also become a benchmark for excellence. As a highly valued member of EXPRA, we are immensely proud of the achievements of Fost Plus and the impact it has had in shaping a more sustainable future. The event was a clear example of the great success of Fost Plus and highlighted the importance of collaboration in the transition to a circular economy.

During the event, Fost Plus organized several crucial panel discussions where decisive steps and inspiring projects that have contributed to closing the circularity gap were highlighted. Several representatives of sustainability, including Mik Van Gaever (COO), Shanna Cloet (IT Manager), Koen De Maesschalck (Corporate Affairs & Communication at Colruyt), Vincent Vandepitte (Government Relations and Public Policy at Procter & Gamble), Steven Boussemaere (Director Innovation and Business Development), Philippe Gendebien (Business Development Manager), An Vermeulen (Country Director Belux at Coca-Cola), Wim Geens (CEO), and Jan Vander Stitchele (Chairman of the Board), shared their experiences in the field of sustainable materials and packaging management. These constructive conversations offered new perspectives for achieving future goals.

 In 2023, 97% of single-use packaging in Belgium was recycled, putting the country at the forefront of Europe. Despite less packaging on the market, the collection rate increased, with each citizen sorting around 2 kg more PMD, equivalent to one more blue bag per person over the year. This achievement underscores the importance of public involvement and effective systems that enable full participation in sorting and recycling efforts.

You can view the after movie and pictures of the event here: