Relaunching European Competitiveness- A Joint European Industry Manifesto

A coalition of 85 European and national industry associations has banded together to address the imminent risk of de-industrialization across our continent by revitalizing Europe’s competitiveness.

As the EU embarks on a new policy cycle amid significant global disruptions caused by technology and geopolitics, there is mounting pressure on an already strained economic landscape. It is imperative that we commence the development of a strategic blueprint to fully harness the potential of the Single Market and cultivate a regulatory framework that fosters the ongoing global competitiveness of EU industries.

The demands of European industry are unequivocal. We urge the next EU mandate to:

-Reposition Europe as a global trade leader.
-Embrace a comprehensive approach to the EU Single Market and competitiveness.
-Formulate an integrated strategy to enhance the resilience of value chains, safeguarding jobs and consumers.
-Address the innovation gap.
-Foster the development of talents and skills.
These initiatives represent an opportunity for Europe to fortify its competitive edge and ensure a prosperous future.