Valipac, EXPRA and EPRO are organizing the first seminar dedicated to commercial and industrial packaging. According to the current version of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, EU countries should ensure that producer responsibility schemes are established for all packaging by the end of 2024. With limited Member States having systems in place for commercial and industrial packaging, we give you the unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of a successful EPR- system for C&I packaging. The outline agenda is provided below.

1) The legal context for C&I EPR in Europe.

2) An overview of C&I EPR systems in Europe.

3) Sessions with panel discussions and Q&A, discussing key topics such as:

  1. What is the best operational model for a C&I packaging EPR system?
  2. How to cover the cost of collection, sorting and recycling of C&I packaging in a free market system?
  3. How to ensure traceability in the supply chain for C&I packaging recycling?
  4. The importance of reusable packaging in a C&I context.

Embark on the packaging revolution and join us for a glimpse into the future of EPR schemes for commercial & industrial packaging

24 April 2024!