80% of Quebecers take part in daily curbside recycling, and even more – 89% – want more information on how to sort recyclables.

Montreal, Monday, January 15, 2024 – Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ), the designated management organization (OGD) for selective collection across the entire Quebec territory, is proud to present its new citizen brand, Bac Impact, today. This launch coincides with a major national awareness campaign for the selective collection of recyclable materials to encourage Quebecers to make the right sorting gesture on a daily basis.

In line with this, ÉEQ unveils the results of a recent survey conducted among Quebecers on their recovery habits. It reveals that while almost all (98%) citizens participate in selective collection at home – with 80% doing so every day – only 17% of them, in case of doubt, always check if their materials are indeed recyclable before placing them in the recovery bin. 


 As the designated organization for selective collection since 2022, ÉEQ will become fully responsible for the system in Quebec as of January 1, 2025, from collection to sorting.

Bac Impact is an initiative of ÉEQ aimed at raising awareness and informing the population about the importance of sorting recyclable materials at the source. In Quebec, brand owners, distributors, and market players of containers, packaging, and prints are responsible for managing selective collection.

Starting today, the Bac Impact campaign will be broadcasted on various platforms: television, radio, social networks, and outdoor advertising.

As demonstrated by the new Bac Impact campaign, what goes in the bin… has an impact! Only containers, packaging, and prints belong in the recovery bin, nothing else!

By adopting good practices, citizens play an essential role in the valorization of recovered materials, thus contributing to giving them a second life.

Commissioned by ÉEQ, the survey was conducted by Léger with 2,100 respondents to assess the perception, behavior, and attitude of Quebec’s population towards selective collection. This survey notably reveals that:

86% of Quebecers feel they are doing things correctly when sorting their recyclable materials.

However, nearly one in two citizens (47%) mistakenly believes that plastic toys can go in the recovery bin; 39%, in the case of plastic chairs.

93% of Quebecers are aware of the importance of sorting for the collection system, and the vast majority (89%) wants more information on the proper sorting of recyclable materials. Lack of interest (53%), knowledge (35%), and time (35%) are the main reasons why Quebecers acknowledge not seeking information about sorting instructions.

For any questions regarding proper sorting, citizens from all over Quebec can visit BacImpact.ca starting today. This website will gradually evolve based on ÉEQ’s new responsibilities towards the system.


 “As the designated organization for selective collection, we aim to raise awareness among the population about the importance of sorting to increase both the quality and quantity of materials sent to sorting centers. Bac Impact is a positive and mobilizing initiative to improve the system’s efficiency as there are still many questions about what goes – or doesn’t go – in the recovery bin.”

Maryse Vermette, President and CEO of ÉEQ.

“Quebecers are very numerous in participating in selective collection and generally concerned about doing it well. The results of the Léger survey give us confidence and indicate their willingness to take the necessary steps to contribute to the system’s improvement.” 

Denis Brisebois, Vice-President, Operations, Metro banner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ÉEQ.

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