In October, following our recent meeting with the European Commission, EXPRA proudly submitted the Position Paper titled “Producer Responsibility Organizations should influence the EPR circle” to DG ENVI. Access the Position Paper directly on our EXPRA Homepage here.
This significant achievement was made possible through the outstanding collaboration of our dedicated EXPRA members and the exceptional efforts of our Managing Director and President.

The EXPRA team was able to finalize our position paper on the necessary influence of PROs into the operations of the EPR systems, namely on the organization of the collection, sorting, and recycling to ensure that not only the minimum targets are met but also that the system is functioning effectively, efficiently, and sustainably.

This document represents a crucial step in clarifying and justifying the influential role of Producer Responsibility Organizations in the best-performing Member States. These organizations have made substantial contributions to the collection, sorting, and recycling processes, as demonstrated in Belgium and Luxembourg. We firmly believe that these successes should serve as a guiding principle for all Member States, motivating them to elevate their performance standards.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that these concise reports play a pivotal role in the upcoming activities of the European Commission with the Member States. EXPRA aims to be a key player, providing support to the EC in ensuring that all 27 Member States remain aligned with legislations.