On December 5th, EXPRA convened its annual general assembly in an online format, uniting members from across the organization. The assembly delved into crucial topics, providing updates on Brussels legislation, discussing key priorities, presenting projected initiatives for 2024, and approving a change in our Swedish membership effective 2024.

The EXPRA general assembly stands as a cornerstone event that plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the organization and fostering collaborative initiatives among its members. This annual gathering serves as a nexus where diverse stakeholders converge to exchange ideas, share expertise, and collectively navigate the evolving landscape of extended producer responsibility and packaging waste management.

A noteworthy highlight of the assembly was the presence of Mr. Oscar Gomez Prieto from EUROSTAT, who served as a distinguished speaker. In his session themed “Packaging and packaging waste – Work done at Eurostat,” Mr. Prieto shared valuable insights into EUROSTAT’s efforts concerning plastic packaging recycling data. 

During his presentation, Mr. Prieto explored data collection from producers in approximately 18 countries, particularly focusing on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).  The conversation extended to the examination Member States’ methodologies and data quality to ensure equitable treatment.  

One of the hallmarks of the general assembly is its ability to facilitate invaluable networking opportunities. By bringing together industry experts, policymakers, and thought leaders, EXPRA creates an environment conducive to forging partnerships and collaborations that transcend borders. The connections made during the assembly not only strengthen the collective impact of EXPRA but also contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices in the realm of packaging and recycling.