We hope this message finds you well and in high spirits during this festive season.

The autumn season has indeed been a dynamic period for EXPRA, characterized by significant events and key priorities.


The primary focus of EXPRA’s efforts remained on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, with ongoing discussions in relevant institutions. Following the European Parliament’s opinion vote on November 22, the Council voted on December 18, adopting a political agreement known as a ‘general approach.’ Despite achieving several legislative wins, we will continue with our requests to legislators and our commitment to ensuring an ambitious but yet implementable legislation, that will rule our work in the next decades, for the recognition of the genuine role of EPR aligned with EXPRA EPR 10 Golden rules. A coalition with key industry associations, including EUROPEN and CEFLEX, is being formed to address concerns about compliance with the Waste Framework Directive.
Additionally, over 100 associations, including EXPRA, representing Europe’s packaging industry, have issued a joint statement urging EU Member States to uphold the Single Market. The statement warns of potential supply chain disruptions if Member States introduce their own unique restrictions in the General Approach on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). You can find the joint statement in this newsletter.
Furthermore, we are pleased to share in this newsletter the EXPRA Position Paper titled “PRO should influence the EPR circle,” dated October 2023. The EXPRA team successfully concluded the position paper, emphasizing the essential role of Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) in shaping the operations of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems. Specifically, our focus is on optimizing the organization of collection, sorting, and recycling processes, ensuring not only the attainment of minimum targets but also the effective, efficient, and sustainable functioning of the system. This document signifies a significant milestone in elucidating and justifying the influential position of PROs in the most successful Member States. Drawing on the exemplary contributions of these organizations in countries such as Belgium and Luxembourg, our paper underscores their pivotal role in enhancing collection, sorting, and recycling processes. We firmly assert that the achievements of these Member States should set a precedent for others, inspiring them to elevate their performance

Foremost among the autumn achievements was the successful hosting of both the traditional Balkans Workshop and the Nordic Workshop. The vibrant city of Athens provided an energetic backdrop for the Balkans Workshop, graciously hosted by our Greek EXPRA member. These workshops played a pivotal role in creating a dynamic platform for EXPRA members, fostering discussions on European legislative developments, foreseeing future challenges, and facilitating the exchange of best practices among progressive countries.

At the core of EXPRA – Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance’s mission is a dedication to understanding the challenges faced by its members and identifying barriers. This commitment enables the organization to actively promote the sharing of best practices among cutting-edge countries. EXPRA consistently organizes dedicated annual workshops to further this objective, and this season stands as a testament to the success of these initiatives.


As we conclude this eventful autumn, we remain committed to advancing sustainability and circular economy goals, and we look forward to continued collaboration and achievements in the upcoming year.

We wish you an enlightening and enjoyable read of the newsletter!

Warmest regards.

Your EXPRA team
Joachim, Monika & Valeria