During this academic year, more than 350 teachers from all over Spain joined the Naturaliza network, raising awareness about various environmental issues in their classrooms. The education project by Ecoembes offers training, resources, and guidance to primary school teachers to incorporate environmental education across their subjects.

Teachers interested in becoming part of Naturaliza for the upcoming school year can now register here for free. In recent days, students from across Spain have been finishing their classes, concluding a year in which environmental education, crucial for building a more sustainable future, has played a significant role. This is partially due to the implementation of the new Education Law (LOMLOE), which includes education for sustainable development in the school curriculum.

Furthermore, more than 16,000 students nationwide have learned environmental values in classrooms, thanks to the dedication of over 350 teachers who joined the Naturaliza project, Ecoembes’ environmental education initiative, during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Through this project, educators from across Spain have been provided with tools to incorporate an environmental focus into their daily teachings. They also engage in outdoor activities to teach students about caring for and appreciating the natural environment through experience. The participating teachers aim to help children learn, reflect, and become aware of their individual roles in environmental conservation. “The commitment of teachers to bring environmental themes into classrooms is what enables a project like Naturaliza to reach more and more children across the country. Education is an essential tool for change and helps instill environmental values in the new generations,” says Raquel Marín, coordinator of Naturaliza.

Naturaliza provides free training to teachers and equips them with educational resources to seamlessly integrate environmental education into the school curriculum, both within and outside the classroom. This approach addresses issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, circular economy, and pollution in subjects like Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Spanish Language and Literature, and Mathematics.
Since its inception in 2018, Naturaliza has successfully brought together over 2,000 teachers from 1,242 schools in Spain, promoting environmental education among more than 96,000 students. Teachers interested in joining this project for the upcoming school year can register for free through the Naturaliza website.
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Active Environmental Learning – is Ecoembes’ environmental education project aimed at promoting environmental education within the education system. It provides training and resources to primary school teachers, enabling them to incorporate environmental topics seamlessly into core subjects (Mathematics, Language, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences). The project also encourages outdoor learning by offering suggestions for conducting classes in natural settings. Currently, there are 2,087 teachers from 1,242 schools across Spain who are part of the Naturaliza network.
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