Conai has announced the results of recycling and recovery of packaging waste published in the General Prevention Programme, which outlines the action and objectives for the following five-year period, on the basis of what is contained in the institutional documents of the supply chain Consortia and systems autonomous.

In 2022, with 14.5 million tonnes put on the market, stable compared to 2021, 10.4 million tonnes were sent for recycling, equal to 71.5% of the total. The packaging recycling rate remains substantially stable compared to the previous year.

The total recovery, including the energy recovery quota, is 11.7 million tonnes, equal to 80.5% of the total (+ 0.3% compared to 2021).

The national results are possible thanks to the work carried out by CONAI with the Italian Municipalities through the national agreement with ANCI, which intercept flows from urban collection, as well as with a network of 649 regeneration, repair and recycling platforms which deals with commercial and industrial packaging, in agreement with the supply chain consortia.

In 2022, 7,675 Municipalities signed at least one agreement with the consortium system, with a slice of the population served equal to 99% of Italians.

To cover the costs that the Municipalities sustain in collecting packaging waste in 2022, the CONAI system has paid the country’s local administrations almost 688 million euros.

To giving continuity to systemic activities, the areas of intervention within CONAI intends to act next years with targeted activities, are:

  • Determination, modulation and management of the Conai
  • Environmental Contribution;
  • Businesses support for eco-design;
  • Support to local authorities for quality of waste collection;
  • Studies and research on circular economy issues;
  • Training and Green Jobs;
  • Transparent reporting.