ENVI – PAK has been developing solutions for sorting-education across cities and towns in Slovakia for 20 years. We are constantly looking for novel, engaging and playful forms that will not only incite interest, but also help learn something new. This is how we contribute to improving the overall situation of sorting waste in Slovakia.

Our latest activity is an online game about waste sorting launched less than a month ago. It is intended for the general public and continues with the behavioral techniques with which ENVI – PAK motivates people to positively change their behavior.

The online “ENVI game” is part of the ENVI – PAK initiative “Don’t forget to sort waste”, in which it draws attention to the importance of waste sorting. Nonetheless, it has great potential to develop further. ENVI – PAK plans to present it at schools and companies so that teachers and employers can use it as part of their environmental activities. ENVI – PAK presented the game to the public and well-known Slovak influencers participating in the competition, which is at its peak these days. At the end of June, we are going to select the winners who will be rewarded with attractive prizes.

The “ENVI game” encourages people to learn to sort the more problematic types of packaging that they haven’t been able to sort before. This should be reflected in an increased amount of properly sorted garbage and a change in waste management behavior. Ultimately, we developed this game as a tool to have a long-standing, positive impact on our environment.