Press Release : EXPRA Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary with Conference on Extended Producer Responsibility

The Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA) celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a conference on 26 April about the history of EXPRA and extended producer responsibility (EPR) over the past decade, while looking forward to the future of EPR systems. The event brought together more than 130 participants, from over 30 countries around the world including Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs), representatives from European institutions, OECD, NGOs and industry, to discuss the progress made in promoting packaging sustainability over the past decade, as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

Experts discussed the potential of EPR, if implemented correctly, but also acknowledged that there is no silver bullet to improve waste management and that EPR systems have to be adapted to the local situation. The conference emphasized the importance of applying EXPRA’s golden rules and taking a holistic view when it comes to promoting circularity and carbon neutrality. Participants agreed that cooperation among actors of the packaging value chain has to increase even more to achieve all the ambitious goals being set by the legislators on waste prevention, reuse and recycling.

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