On the 29th November the EXPRA General Assembly took place in person, at the Fost Plus office in Av. des Olympiades 2, 1140 Evere, with the possibility to attend the meeting online as well. The meeting was a unique occasion for EXPRA members to see each other and to re-connect in real life after almost 3 years of pandemic.

During the meeting, Joachim Quoden, Managing Director at EXPRA presented the annual report to the members, with all the activities carried out by EXPRA in these last semesters, as well as developments of EXPRA’s major meetings and flagship projects.

Ms Monika Romenska, Regulatory & Public Affairs Manager at EXPRA presented the main legislative developments concerning the PPWD revision, the WFD revision and the Regulation on the Ecodesign of Sustainable Products revision.

During the presentation, Mr Mark Bollen, presented the results of the Future Foresight Study project, outlining the results of the role EXPRA can take within the packaging EPR ecosystem in 2030 to remain future-proof with three main different scenarios: sustainability advocate, knowledge exchange hub, down-stream services. Mr Mike Jefferson, Verde Consulting, presented the results of the Early Warning System reports, completed with Eurostat 2020 data for 11 EXPRA countries. Ms Gloria Gabellini, PEPSICO, had the opportunity to present the Flexible Packaging Initiative – Driving Circular Economy for Flexibility across Europe, introducing the existence of the Initiative which is committed to increasing investments and supporting policy actions and is open to new participants.
Maryse Vermette, CEO of EEQ Canada, and Philippe Cantin, Head of Public Affairs and Government Relations, presented the ‘Transition from a Financial EPR System to an Operational EPR System in Québec’, explaining the regulation on a curbside recycling system for certain residual materials that defines EPR for containers, packaging and printed paper in Québec.
The meeting concluded with the enthusiasm of the members who found the meeting in person a perfect opportunity to revitalise the EXPRA network and proposed greater engagement in the EXPRA Working Groups, particularly the RAC Working Group, emphasising the importance of the cooperation and collaboration that EXPRA can offer.