The European Commission recently published its Communication for a Strategic Framework for an Energy Union, which is structured around five main dimensions of energy and climate policies (security of supply, the internal energy market, energy efficiency, decarbonisation and R&I).

The Communication provides further details on the overall objectives of these dimensions and presents a list of concrete actions and initiatives that the Commission intends to undertake over the coming five years.

As part of the Energy Union the Commission will publish a Communication on Waste-to-Energy. In this context ENDS has published an article on 6 March quoting an EU official saying that “an EU waste-to-energy initiative will focus on energy recovery from non-recyclable materials without affecting the waste hierarchy”. He added that “the Commission’s paper will consider the role of energy recovery from non-recyclable waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, […] whilst it will not change the low ranking of incineration in the waste hierarchy”.