LIBERA, the environmental project by SEO/BirdLife in alliance with Ecoembes which involves more than 1900 organisations throughout Spain, continues fostering its growth through different events linked to its focus of action. In the field of knowledge and regarding science, LIBERA has participated in the II International Forum on Marine Litter and Circular Economy (MARLICE) in Seville.

MARLICE is a collaborative international forum to align the different sectors to develop strategies to move towards waste-free ocean. On this forum, LIBERA joined debate tables with companies, organisations and civil society around topics related to marine litter, microplastics; in which LIBERA joined Hombre y Territorio to elaborate a detection protocol for rivers pioneering in Europe, and the input from rivers to the marine litter.

In the prevention focus, LIBERA joined ESPARC 2022 congress “For living protected natural spaces”, a forum where the opportunities and challenges for nature conservation will be analysed in a context of rapid changes that must be faced with new perspectives. ESPARC 2022 belongs to EUROPARC-Spain, the main professional forum dedicated to the planning and management of natural protected areas with competent administrations in the matter. LIBERA joined the forum to strength the collaboration with parks and help them and cheer them to join ‘1m2 against littering in nature’, the main event from LIBERA this year.

In celebration of the world environmental day by the UN, LIBERA launched its VI edition of ‘1m2 against littering in nature on 11 June. This initiative was created to people, companies, public administration and every kind of association acting for Nature and rising environmental awareness against abandoning any kind of litter where it doesn´t belong. For this year, LIBERA claims that ‘It doesn´t matter the point you are in, it matters that you are in one’.