In April 2023, the Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance will celebrate its 10th Anniversary✨.
10 years in which our EXPRA family has expanded to now include 30 organisations joining the alliance worldwide.

The event will provide an opportunity to discuss future challenges and opportunities for EPR in transitioning towards a circular economy and climate neutrality in Europe and beyond, while reflecting on the progress achieved by our members in supporting sustainable packaging waste management. We are happy that in these years EXPRA became an important and constructive partner, highly appreciated by Industry, EU institutions, International Organizations, NGOs and other stakeholders. The 10th Anniversary Conference will take place on 26 April 2023 in Bussels.

EPR Congress “Efficiency through diversity: EPR best practices across the EU” an event by EXPRA and CONAI that will be organized on 26&27 September 2022 in Brussels.The two-day event aims at highlighting the role of PROs and EPR country schemes diversity in contributing to achieving packaging sustainability targets, thus showcasing the importance of maintaining their geographical nuances. As the European Commission is currently reviewing key legislations in accordance with the objectives of the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan 2.0, it is of critical importance to discuss the effectiveness and positive diversity of current EPR schemes across Member States and exchange about their role in achieving packaging sustainability targets.