Press Release: The Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA) is expanding in Europe and beyond

Two new members, Swiss Recycling, Switzerland and Visión 30/30 – ANDI, Colombia join the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Network
5 April 2022 – During its General Assembly meeting, EXPRA, the umbrella alliance for packaging and packaging waste recovery and recycling organisations which are owned by the obligated industry and work on a non-profit basis, welcomed two new members, coming from different parts of the world – Swiss Recycling, Switzerland and Visión 30/30 – ANDI, Colombia.

Both organisations join EXPRA at an important moment for EPR implementation and packaging waste management, given not only the revision of the waste legislation, currently taking place in the European Union, but also the active introduction of EPR principles in the legislation of numerous countries worldwide and especially in South America.