The problems that Pakomak is facing every day, by collection of packaging waste from Igloo containers, is due to non-precise information that we have in real time about their fullness with packaging waste on the one hand and on the other hand their positioning (location) in the municipalities across the country.
The frequency of these problems is increasing daily with the increase of the number of placed containers on the entire territory of the Republic of North Macedonia. At the moment we have placed approx. 1700 Igloo containers in 37 biggest municipalities covering more than 70% of the territory where we have population. It often happens that specialized vehicles for emptying these containers visit containers that are partly full with packaging waste (they are half empty) or due to human error they do not visit some containers at all, their location is forgotten or the operators do not visit them to collect packaging waste due to their daily priority activities. As a result of this, we are facing with dissatisfied and discouraged citizens for the selection of packaging waste because the containers are often full and citizens do not have the opportunity to throw their packaging waste in them. On the other hand, Pakomak has big operating collection costs by specialized vehicles with ineffective visits for emptying half-full containers.

With the installation of the smart sensors on the Igloo containers, Pakomak will have accurate information for each container individually about its fullness and of course information about location of the container. This information from the smart sensors included in the Global Positioning System (GPS) will enable a system where Pakomak will be able to have on time complete overview of all Igloo containers placed throughout the country. This information will enable a significant increase in the efficiency of the operators who collect packaging waste from Igloo containers and also will decrease collection costs by precise daily planning of the routes for emptying the containers. The increase of the effectiveness of Pakomak and the reduction of the collection costs will directly reflect in the reduction of the fees for collection of packaging waste paid by the obliged companies members of Pakomak system.