Dear Reader,
Another incredible year is ending, still full of many developments both externally and internally, not to mention the still ongoing Covid pandemic, impacting our lives and work and moving our communication to a virtual one already for a second year.

Externally, the European Commission worked on the revision of the PPWD as well as continuing with the secondary legislation stemming from the Single Use Plastic Directive and the Waste Directives. In 2022 we are expecting the publication of the revised Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) as well as the Sustainable Product Initiative (SPI) and Green Claims.

Of course, we are and will continue to be closely involved in all consultations, discussions and webinars on these important topics.

The implementation of all these new legislative pieces, measures and initiatives will indeed require very good coordination of how they will be implemented in the different Member States and to ensure that we will not end with 28 or 27 ways of transposing them in the MS National legislations.

And as you could see in our members news section, all EXPRA members are working hard in prevention, promoting sustainable packaging and implementing numerous national and local information and public awareness campaigns. We at EXPRA see these activities as a major prerequisite for the implementation of our mission: to save resources and care for the environment, without making a profit out of it.

Wishing you smooth move into 2022 and hopefully it will be safer and healthier, bringing us all new hopes!

Enjoy your reading!