EXPRA/PSI and ISWA, this time also with the support of SWANA (the waste management sector association of North America) organized the 4th EPR Masterclass webinar in 2021, this time discussing the role of the waste management sector within an EPR system.

With the transition to an EPR system comes needed funding and opportunities for innovation and business growth. In Europe, presented by Dr Clemens Pues from PreZero (the waste management company of LIDL/Kaufland), most regions expanded from single-stream to multi-stream collection for recycling, and MRFs were upgraded with modernized equipment. Canada’s provinces with EPR have a range of system models, no two exactly alike. In the U.S., as momentum grows toward packaging EPR, stakeholders in the waste management sector are preparing for the transition.

In this webinar — part of a series developed and organized by PSI and EXPRA — this time followed again by over 200 participants from all over the world, we provided context for role of waste management in EPR and heard speakers from all three perspectives discuss their experiences regarding the transition to EPR, the challenges of a complex system with significant political attention, and the business development opportunities they continue to find.