The Libera project, a creation of Spain’s flagship environmental NGO, SEO/Birdlife, in alliance with Ecoembes, even mobilized Queen Mother Sofia last June in one of the 1.013 cleaning points across all Spain.
In this citizen-led project and through going out to the different habitats, LIBERA pretend to rise awareness of the importance of not getting rid of waste in nature. This year, on june 12th, we managed to join forces and about 11,000 people in 1,077 points throughout the national geography, collected more than 114 tons of garbage scattered in our natural spaces.

‘1m2 contra la basuraleza” is the flagship of the LIBERA project and represents a notorious boost for the visibility of the problem for audiences of all ages.Belongs to the participation area, one of the three key parts of Libera, along with the awareness and the sensitization, where Libera tries to become part of the solution to the problem of littering. Because even if it´s not our litter, It is our problem.