On 20 May, the European Commission published the draft Implementing Decision on the methodology for the calculation and verification of the separate collection targets for single-use beverage bottles.
According to the document, separately collected waste SUP bottles shall be calculated by dividing the weight of separately collected waste bottles by the weight of bottles placed on the market. The weight of the waste bottles shall include the weight of their caps and lids, but not include the weight of any remaining beverage.
Waste bottles will be considered as separately collected if collected separately from any other waste (i.e. DRS) or together with other municipal waste collected separately for recycling. Moreover, the weight of waste bottles will be calculated differently depending on the separate collection method. The different formulas for the methodologies are listed in an Annex. This draft act was open for stakeholder feedback until 17 June to which EXPRA provided contribution, together with CITEO, France and ARA, Austria.