PR: EXPRA strongly welcomes the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s call for the implementation of EPR for packaging

Brussels, 15 June 2021 – EXPRA is pleased that +150 leading businesses and organisations including many owners of EXPRAs members expressing their support for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging, as a necessary part of the solution to make packaging circular.

We need a circular economy for packaging, in which as less as possible becomes waste or never pollutes the environment. Packaging that cannot be avoided or reused must be kept in circulation – in the economy, out of the environment.

For this to happen, we need dedicated, ongoing and sufficient funding for collection, sorting and recycling. EPR is the only proven and likely way to achieve this and prevent tens of millions of tonnes of packaging from ending up in the environment every year. We are ready to step up and be part of the solution. With our experience of nearly 30 years to run EPR systems in 25 countries from Europe and abroad we are ready to support industry in setting up well functioning EPR systems in further countries.

Well-functioning EPR systems establish collection and recycling infrastructure to keep packaging in the economic cycle, avoid leakage of packaging to the environment especially avoiding marine litter, create jobs both for low skill and high skill people and reduce and save climate gas emissions.

More information can be found here.