EucoLight, Eucobat and EXPRA call for a more sustainable Digital Services Act

29 October 2020 – The Digital Services Act represents a very good opportunity to bring sustainability into the digital debate, in line with the European Green Deal. EucoLight, Eucobat and EXPRA therefore welcome the reference to sustainability in the IMCO report led by MEP Saliba and would like to share some additional recommendations. Still, for the sustainability angle in the Digital Service Act to be comprehensive, it should include both provisions on providing clear information to consumers and ensuring that producers contribute financially to the costs of waste management.
The Parliament’s report, adopted on October 20, includes wording on “fighting false ‘environmental claims’ while calling on online marketplaces to promote sustainability of e-commerce by providing consumers with clear and easily understandable information on the environmental impact of the products. We strongly believe that information on meeting the Extended Producer Responsibility obligations regarding packaging, WEEE and other product-related waste streamsand delivery methods or services they buy online should be added to complete the ambition on information to consumers.