EXPRA – founding partner in the action platform “Close the Glass loop”

EXPRA is a founding partner of the action platform “Close the glass Loop” lounched officially today. Close The Glass Loop brings together glass manufacturers, glass processors, food & beverage producers, extended producer responsibility schemes and municipalities under a single Circular Economy Partnership for Glass Packaging.
The multi-stakeholder Partnership demonstrates the commitment of the glass packaging value chain to work together, co-develop solutions within industrial ecosystems and support the European Commission’s ambition to foster Europe’s transition towards a circular economy, innovation, and sustainable economic growth.

EXPRA’s Managing Director, Joachim Quoden, commented: EXPRA as a founding partner fully supports the ambitious targets of the “Close the Glass Loop”. We believe thatthey could be achieved onlyvia a closecooperation and open discussion and interaction between all actors of the life cycle chain. This platform provides an excellent opportunity to face the challenges but also exploit opportunities stemming from the new EU Waste Legislation. EXPRA and members will be very happy to contribute withpracticalknowledge and best practices in innovative collection models, high quality sorting & recycling and especially in communication and information campaigns for consumers, who at the end of the day are the engine at the core of the whole process.

You can read the official press release from the event here.

You can see the video address of Joachim Quoden here.