In his role as Chair of the newly reinstated ISWA EU group, Joachim Quoden organised and chaired an event in Brussels on 5 December, on the topic of “Towards a Circular Economy 2.0: Combining ambition with reality”.
The event, attended by more than 50 selected people, brought together Commission and Member States’ official, including 2 representatives from DG ENVI namely Rozalina Petrova and William Neile as well as the representative of the upcoming Croatian presidency, local authorities, waste management industry representative and NGOs to discuss the current challenges faced by municipalities and industry with the implementation of the EU waste framework. Participants learnt about the Commission’s priorities for the coming year as regards the Circular Economy Action plan and the review of a number of waste legislation (which were later confirmed by the EU Green Deal publication on 11 December).

Speakers from ISWA and municipalities such as Rotterdam and Olso presented their activities on the implementation of the circular economy, highlighting opportunities but and challenges. The fast changing legislative environment at EU level (another review of the EU waste legislation is expected shortly, while implementation of the 2018 revisions have barely started) was highlighted as one of the main challenges from the industry.