In order to increase the recycling of the packaging materials, it is important that the packaging is designed so that it is best suited for both sorting and recycling. In some cases, it may be complicated for the packaging designer to orientate themselves on how different choices affect recyclability. Therefore, Green Dot Norway has developed an interactive recycling calculator, which is a useful tool for all our members. The beta version of the calculator was launched in October and is available to our members. This first version has its limitations, and we advise against steering uncritically after the results. Among other things, it is limited to plastic packaging, and we are in the process of quality assuring some of the recyclability calculations. The purpose of making the beta version available is to learn and get feedback from our members. We include the feedback in the work with a full version, which should cover several packaging designs and types of materials. It is scheduled to be launched during the first half of 2020. The goal is for the calculator to serve as a useful tool as a packaging designer and give access to downloadable comparisons of various choices.