Brussels, 20 December 2019 – In June this year, Brussels Airport Company (BAC) and Fost Plus signed a “Waste Charter” by which BAC undertook to sort 50% of airport waste.

This is a priority project for both companies as the 24,000 employees and 70,000 passengers who set foot in the airport every day generate about fifteen truck loads of waste every day. Plastic bottles, food waste, waste paper, etc. As many sorts of waste that do not always get put in the right bin, leading to waste not being recycled. The many foreign travellers are often not well informed about the Belgian sorting system. As for Belgian passengers, they are not always aware of the sorting possibilities outside of their homes.

Six months after the signing of the charter, we are getting good results and it is time to launch a Christmas action with the thousands of people who are leaving from Brussels airport this week. Fost Plus has developed a campaign to inform, motivate and educate visitors. The objective is to make the circular economy contribute. Cups, packaging, paper, cans …: throw them in the right trash can and in this way help increase the quantity of better-quality pre-sorted waste. The main idea is: “Be careful, participate, every contribution counts! “. The campaign was broadcasted on digital screens in the various terminals and additional activity was organized on Sunday, December 22. The passengers were invited to join a game board with a simple sorting messages, they also received a Memory game to learn how to sort waste in a funny and entertaining way.

With BAC, Fost Plus wants to recycle 50% of all airport waste, including passenger waste. This percentage is twice as high as the current recycling percentage. The amount of residual waste will be greatly reduced by 2023.