Over the past three months, Ekopak has organized and participated in several major events and implemented a large number of activities that contributed to the development of the recycling system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Special part of our activities was the continued promotion of recycling and its importance to citizens through key social, educational and sporting events.
The annual meeting of EXPRA Balkan members was held in Sarajevo in September this year. Achieved results of Expra alliance’s members in the last year, problems at the moment and the way, outgoing challenges in front of Expra alliance’s members from countries of Balkan, as well as implementation of the latest legitimate solutions of EU were some of the topics at this meeting. The meeting was also attended by director Joachim Quoden with whom we organized appearing on N1 television, CNN exclusive news channel affiliate, and have highlighted the problems and solutions for the recycling system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Every year, millions of beauty and skin care packages end up in containers and landfills, so Ekopak, in collaboration with the L’OCCITANE brand, has organized a program to collect and recycle beauty product packaging. Ekopak gladly supported this action by his client L’OCCITANE, and provided the containers for the collection of packaging waste and ensured that all the collected packaging waste was handed over for recycling.

Also, one important event for Ekopak was the introduction of the Federal Ministry of Ministry of Internal Affairs (FMI) into our recycling system. We provided 80 bins for paper collection to FMI which were installed on their premises. Having successfully established cooperation with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Ministry of the Environment and Tourism has also joined our system.

On the 6th International Fair RENEXPO BiH Ekopak presented the achieved business results and provided support for the start and development of the Eco-School program in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Last year, Ekopak, in cooperation with its partners from Europe, helped Munja Incubator become a member of the FEE network and entrusted this organization with the implementation of the Eco-Schools program in BiH. This program is of great importance for the development of the system of selective disposal and recycling of packaging waste because of its implementation through internationally established standards. Program encourages school children, teaching staff and local communities to establish and develop in their schools awareness of the importance of waste recycling and environmental protection in general.

Ekopak provided support for notable social and sporting events: Sarajevo Film Festival, the Avon races, Sarajevo Half Marathon, ITF European Taekwondo Championship…